Does AT&T Galaxy A01 support Wi-Fi calling?

Will this AT&T Galaxy A01 phone and AT&T allow wi-fi calling?

Yes, The AT&T Prepaid Galaxy A01 does have Wi-Fi calling!

To enable WI-FI calling on AT&T Galaxy A01:

1. From Phone, tap  Does AT&T Galaxy A01 support Wi-Fi calling?More options > Settings > Wi-Fi calling.
2. Tap Does AT&T Galaxy A01 support Wi-Fi calling?to enable this feature.
3. Follow the prompts to set up and configure Wi-Fi calling.

For more information, please refer to AT&T PREPAID Samsung Galaxy A01 user manual, which is available for download here.

You can also find the AT&T prepaid Galaxy A01 Specs here.

Need more Help? please contact the Samsung USA official Support team or AT&T official Support here.