Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716V coming Verizon Wireless

Samsung SM-A716V,5G Variant of the Galaxy A71, is coming to the Verizon Wireless soon, According to a listing in the Bluetooth SIG’s database.

The Bluetooth listing describes the device as “Galaxy-A71-5g US VERIZON”

Samsung announced the A71 5G last month, saying it would launch in the US and cost $600.

The Galaxy A71 5G features s a 6.7-inch full-HD display, 64-megapixel camera, 4,500 mAh battery, and 25W fast charging.

Qualified Design:

QDID 149668
TCRL Version TCRL 2019-1
Product Type End Product
Combined Designs 108537,144597
Design Name Galaxy-A71-5g US VERIZON
Design Model Number SM-A716V
Design Description Samsung Mobile Phone

Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716V Price

It is reported that Verizon will sell the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G for $600.

Verzion Samsung Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716V