Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smart phone certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance

Several variants of the Refurbished Galaxy Note 7  have just been certified the WI-FI Alliance today.

According to WI-FI Alliance, The Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 with Android N 7.0 OS has six model variants, namely the SM-N930FD,  SM-N930X,SM-N930S,SM-N930L,M-N930K and SM-N930F.

Samsung official also confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 will return to stores. According theverge’s report, The Galaxy Note 7 will not return to the US market. Samsung will replace the faulty batteries with new ones, and sell the premium handset for a more affordable price in select market.

The SM-N930L, SM-N930K and SM-N930S will be sold in the South Korea, The SM-N930FD will be sold in India, and SM-N930F and SM-N930X will be sold in Global market.

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