Samsung Galaxy M23 5G Manual / User Guide

Samsung Galaxy M23 5G Manual & Support, SM-M236B/DS, –

This is the official Samsung Galaxy M23 5G user manual in English and French provided by the manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy M23 5G Manual / User Guide

For your information,  Samsung published the Galaxy M23 5G manual revision 1.0 in March 2022.

and now the digital pdf version manual for Galaxy M23 5G is available for download on Samsung’s official support website.

By the way, the manual can be used for the Galaxy M23 or Galaxy M33 with the following model names:


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The manual has everything you may need to know about your Galaxy M23 5G smartphone,

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Language: English



Language: French


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Table of Contents

Getting started

4 Device layout and functions
8 Charging the battery
11 SIM or USIM card (nano-SIM card)
12 Memory card (microSD card)
15 Turning the device on and off
16 Initial setup
16 Samsung account
17 Transferring data from your previous
device (Smart Switch)
19 Understanding the screen
27 Notification panel
29 Screen capture and screen record
30 Entering text

Apps and features

33 Installing or uninstalling apps
34 Phone
37 Contacts
39 Messages
40 Internet
41 Camera
54 Gallery
58 AR Zone
64 Bixby Vision (SM-M336B/DS,
65 Multi window
68 Samsung Pay
70 Samsung Health
71 Samsung Notes
72 Samsung Members
72 Samsung Kids
73 Samsung Global Goals
73 Samsung TV Plus
73 Galaxy Shop
73 Galaxy Wearable (SM-M336B/DS,SM-M336BU/DS)
74 Calendar
75 Reminder
76 Radio
76 Voice Recorder
77 My Files
77 Clock
77 Calculator
78 Game Launcher
79 Game Booster
80 SmartThings
81 Sharing content
82 Music Share
83 Smart View
84 Link to Windows (SM-M336B/DS,
85 Google apps


86 Introduction
86 Samsung account
86 Connections
88 Wi-Fi
89 Bluetooth
90 NFC and contactless payments
92 Data saver
92 Mobile data only apps
92 Mobile Hotspot
93 More connection settings
94 Sounds and vibration
95 Sound quality and effects
95 Separate app sound
96 Notifications
96 Display
97 Motion smoothness
97 Wallpaper and style
97 Themes
98 Home screen
98 Lock screen
99 Smart Lock
99 Biometrics and security
100 Face recognition
102 Fingerprint recognition
104 Samsung Pass
106 Secure Folder
109 Secure Wi-Fi
110 Privacy
110 Location
111 Safety and emergency
111 Accounts and backup
112 Samsung Cloud
112 Google

113 Advanced features
114 Motions and gestures
115 Video call effects
115 Dual Messenger
116 Digital Wellbeing and parental controls
117 Battery and device care
117 Optimising your device
117 Battery
118 Storage
118 Memory
118 Device protection
118 Ultra data saving
119 Software update
119 Diagnostics
119 Apps
119 General management
121 Accessibility
121 Software update
122 Remote support
122 About phone
Usage notices
123 Precautions for using the device
125 Notes on package contents and accessories
126 Device overheating situations and solutions

129 Troubleshooting
134 Removing the battery