Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975U pass through FCC

Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975U pass through FCC

The FCC has just approved three upcoming Samsung devices in the Galaxy S lineup, namely the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 plus.

According to the FCC listings, there will be three Galaxy S10 models: SM-G970U, SM-G973U, and SM-G975U.

SM-G970U is thought to be the less expensive S10, called Galaxy S10e, SM-973U will be the regular Galaxy S10 and the SM-G975U will be the Galaxy S10+.

The SAR test report submits to FCC also confirm that the Samsung S10 will support WiFi 6, The 802.11ax technology takes the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz spectrums and makes them more efficient, resulting in faster speeds, and improved battery life. The S10 do support Bluetooth LE, NFC, and MST.

It seems that there is a no 5G model of the Galaxy S10, From below screenshot, You can see the list of LTE bands supported by Samsung S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975U pass through FCC

FCC Page for the SM-G970U:…id=Oq1oHYCH/Nm6SFpekhijKg==&fcc_id=A3LSMG970U

FCC Page for the SM-G973U:…id=VkK7zVEAV/jMAXMxGNN0yQ==&fcc_id=A3LSMG973U

FCC Page for the SM-G975U:…id=Q773NTe86PRJAWYrvzhIrQ==&fcc_id=A3LSMG975U