Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G SM-G986U Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility

Here You can check the Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility of Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G with model number SM-G986U1 and SM-G986XU!

According to the FCC documents, The Galaxy S20 Plus 5G (FCC ID: A3LSMG986U) supports 2 GSM bands, 3 UMTS bands, 10 LTE bands, and 5 5G NR frequency bands, See the tables below for details.




UMTS 850

UMTS 1750

UMTS 1900


LTE Band 71

LTE Band 12

LTE Band 13

LTE Band 14

LTE Band 26 (cell)

LTE Band 5  (cell)

LTE Band 66 (AWS)

LTE Band 4 (AWS)

LTE Band 25 (PCS)

LTE Band2 (PCS)

LTE Band 30

LTE Band 7

LTE Band 48

LTE Band 41

LTE Band 38


NR Band n71

NR Band n5 (Cell)

NR Band n66 (AWS)

NR Band n2 (pcs)

NR Band n41

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